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Shrek in the Press

"When you find yourself dancing along after the curtains come down for SHREK THE MUSICAL, you know that the gigantic green ogre (played by Kyle Timson) has done a fabulous job charming you."


"Kyle has done a lot more than just entertain. The swamp-dwelling ogre just imparted one of life's most important lessons in the most engaging manner."


"The witty exchange between the talking donkey and Shrek brings a smile to your face." 

-Manjusha Radhakrishnan, Gulf News

"Kyle Timson making an unforgettable international tour debut!"

-Honeykids Asia

"Kudos to Kyle Timson on a job well done!"


Sammy Gets Reviewed 

"I must say the supporting cast shown the brightest here."


Robbie's band mate Sammy (Kyle Timson) gave a fun-filled performance!" 

-Julia Exline, DC Metro Theatre Arts 

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